Chilling out with John
[Excerpts from a group article w/ Camille, Carlo & Angelica]
By: ---   From: HealthToday Magazine
[March 2001]

    To their fans and audience, Filipino actors John (16 years old) and sister Camille (15) Prats, Carlo Aquino (15) and Angelica Panganiban (14) are all leading unbelievably charmed lives. As leads in the teen sitcom G-mik, they're no newcomers to the limelight. All have been in showbiz since childhood, and have gone through the whole gamut of TV commercials, primetime and daytime shows, the silver screen, and acting awards. While other kids toil through regular school, suffer through pimples and peer pressure, and depend on mom and dad for their daily allowance, these kids seemingly have it all: Exciting schedules, great looks and adoring fans, and their own money to burn!

    But are John, Camille, Carlo, and Angelica really a cut above the rest of teendom? Or are all teens equal and the same, in heart and in essence? HealthToday finds out:

HealthToday (HT): First thing's first: What do you guys consider a "normal" teenager's life?
John: I think that would be school, hanging out, "gimmick" (a term for hitting the town and having a good time), barkada (peers).

HT: Do you exercise?
John: I play basketball.

HT: Let's talk about sex. (Silence, then giggles) What do you really think about sex for fun, or premarital sex?
John: For guys, it's ok (not to be virgins) when they get married. You can't prevent it from happening-maybe with a one-night stand-like (when) the girls are the ones who seduce you, so guys are tempted. You won't do it anyway if you don't want it to happen.

HT: Let's say one of your closest friends comes to you and says, I'm so in love with this guy, and I'm thinking of doing it with him. What kind of practical advice would you give?
John: They should think, "what if, after, I get pregnant?" You have to think about it.

HT: How about if a guy wants to take a girl to bed, what would you say?
John: As long as I don't know the girl he's talking about... because if I knew the girl, then I'd give him the same advice as I'd give the girl.

HT: Do you get pressured to smoke?
John: To smoke? No. I have older friends who've tried all that-drinking, smoking-

HT: You guys never feel like rebelling?
John: No matter how loud you argue with your parents, nothing's gonna happen.

HT: (To John and Camille) Do you experience sibling rivalry?
John: I've been asked that before - "Do you feel bad because your sister is more popular than you are?" Please, she's a girl and I'm a guy - we're never going to be rivals because we'll always be different, we'll always have differences in our careers.
Camille: And we try different stuff, like I'm into drama, and he has an album - a band. So, sometimes, we want to do each other's stuff - I wanna do what he's doing, and he wants to do what I'm doing.
John: Like she has a billboard (ad), that's my dream, while I got the chance to ride the float at the (annual) filmfest, so everything's equal.

HT: What does it mean to be cool?
John: Cool is having direction in life. I want a girl to consider me cool for having my plans laid out; if you think a guy is cool just because he smokes or drinks, that's wrong. That guy won't get anywhere.