Aga Muhlach teaches John Prats on Life 101
By: Yasmine Hidalgo
From: The Philippine Star's YS   [January 05, 2002]

    If teenaged boys are crazy about Playstation, the same is not the case for John Prats who has been earning his own money since he was a kid.

    What most people don't know is that John is keen on getting into business. John is not your typical 17-year-old for he prefers to spend his time with his family rather than with a barkada.

    He recently appeared in Star Cinemas' movie Trip, which was about a barkada's journey - from teenage years to adulthood: their thoughts, their anxieties and joys.

    Although he played as a teener in a barkada in the movie, it seems that his real life is totally different from his reel life.

    John, who has admirers ranging from teenagers to adults, admits he prefers older women. His first love was four years older than him. He reveals that he is willing to court a girl who is five to six years older than him because he prefers someone with experience. Being 17, he finds himself inexperienced in handling relationships. He considers having an older girlfriend a learning experience. John shares, "I'm willing to love and learn at the same time."

    Having an older girlfriend as a first love and having Aga Muhlach as his mentor, John shares how Aga taught him how to win and woo girls - from what to wear on dates to talking with girls and even how handle women. The unwritten rule being whatever happens, don't ever get caught.

    Aga taught John something different. He told John to look his best when going out with girls instead of dressing down.

    Aga advised John that what is most important is that he not only feel good about himself but that he also feel good about what he is wearing.

    Aga gave him one basic rule to follow when dealing with girls. He told him that he must always be sincere.

    John Prats considers himself old-fashioned when it comes to courting women preferring to do the pursuing. Aga told John that girls like to be babied and to be pursued. He however laments, "I still can't tell the difference between having a crush on a girl and loving someone." He says that he sometimes thinks that what he feels for her is love but later on, realizes that it was just a passing fancy. For him, that's the worst thing that could ever happen because he doesn't want to hurt a girl's feelings. He learned from his past mistakes and now he prefers to take it slow and not get into a relationship without evaluating his true intentions and feelings.

    The most important advice ever given to him was to be himself. He says that Aga explained to him that he used to be "trying hard" to be the perfect boyfriend so that when a former girlfriend realized his true colors, she got turned off and as a result, the relationship ended. He was not the same guy she fell in love with in the beginning of the relationship.

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