John and Camille Prats
get a gaming overload
at new Timezone Greenhills

From:    [January, 2002]

    CELEBRITY teen siblings John and Camille Prats are not strangers to the Timezone brand of fun. But while they have been fans of the games and family entertainment center, they donít get to drop by the place as much as they want because of their very hectic show biz schedules. John and Camille, you see, are two of the hottest teen stars both on TV and movies, and they are, quite accurately, on the top of their games, Camille holding court at the primetime sitcom Arriba! Arriba! and John, the heartthrob at Da Pilya en Da Pilot. Both, of course, are also headliners at the afternoon weekend series G-mik. On top of these and other stints, they are also students at the ABS-CBN Distance Learning Center.

    So when Timezone recently invited them to visit and check out its new Greenhills Theater outlet, the two gamely said yes, and even brought the whole Prats family which includes mom and dad, and their two other siblings Naomi and Raffee, plus nephew Ardee. Indeed, it was a fun family affair that afternoon at Timezone Greenhills with the Prats.

    While they got to play a host of Timezone classics from Daytona USA 2 and Dino Dash to Wani Wani Panic and Percussion Freaks 3rd Mix, Camilleís favorite was the suspense-ful House of the Dead, and the high-flying Air Hockey which she played with John. John also likes House of the Dead a lot. "Itís exciting," he says after a fright-ful game. And the Air Hockey, too. "Itís challenging especially when I play with my dad because heís good at it." The young actor also likes the Slam Ďní Jam where he gets to practice his three-point shots.

    John says heís been a constant Timezone visitor since its birth three years ago. Both him and Camille usually troop to Timezone with friends or family. "My younger sister and younger brothers and even cousins like it there, too," says Camille. "We always go to Timezone Glorietta but now since they have it here in Greenhills, thereís another option for us."

    "I donít go to any other amusement center," says John when asked to compare other entertainment centers to Timezone. "(Timezone) has the newest game machines and they keep on adding more exciting games." And a great plus, according to Camille, is the "fun of redeeming the cool prizes when I get the tickets from the machines!"

    Timezone Family Entertainment Center now has nine branches nationwide: Glorietta 2, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt Cinema, Alabang Town Center 3rd Level & Cinema Lobby, Ayala Center Cebu, Starmall, Metro Point, Greenhills. Watch out for Timezone at the new Greenbelt Mall soon to open!

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