The Prats Paradise
From: Starstudio Magazine   [October 2002]

    Kids there are would rather go out and party on weekends but John and Camille Prats would rather hang out with family at home. If you own a lavish new Antipolo home like theirs, who needs to go out?

    What could be better than spend a Saturday night home just watching DVDs, chomping a few snacks and hanging out with your entire family? Any typical gimmick-hungry teen would answer "Oh a lot!" For the Prats siblings, nothing beats being with family, enjoying their lavish new home in Antipolo.

    John and Camille Prats, would rather stay in their Daddy Dondie, Mommy Alma and their siblings Carlo (12), Naomi (4) and Raffy (3). "Okay na kami sa ganoon," says John (18). "Pag nasa bahay kami, we all love to eat kaya lagi kaming nasa patio para mag-barbecue. Mahangin kasi doon and we have a nice view of the Antipolo mountainscape. O kung di, sa family room kami to watch DVDs."

    The Prats home is located in a subdivision at the suburbs of Cainta. Colored white on the outside and canary yellow on the outside ("Pinili ng daddy ko kasi favorite ng mommy ko", John reveals), the three-storey house stands on a 300-plus square meter lot. It has four bedrooms, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a theater-family room, among others. Daddy and mommy made sure that everything their kids would want are there so that they'd just stay at home. "Ngayon, even 'yuing mga friend ko, gusto nila na lang tumambay rito sa bahay!", shares John.

    John and Camille have been in showbiz since 90's and many could only marvel at how the two have remained so grounded even in an egobloating business like the entertainment industry. "Napakabait talaga nila. Walang kaere-ere sa katawan nila," says an ABS-CBN insider.

    They attribute this to their parents. "They're very good to parents. Masuwerte kami sa kanila. Sinigurado nila sa amin that we were raised properly. They're very kind and trusting, pero hindi sila 'yung tipo na you can abuse their trust," says John.

    Camille contains, "Our image is very wholesome. That's one thing we owe to the public kasi 'yun ang tingin nila sa amin and we have to live by their expectations. But that doesn't mean na hindi talaga kami gano'n. The image that we put isn't an act. Gano'n talaga kami eh. Hindi kami ma-gimmick, wala rin kaming bisyo. What you see is what you get. Kumbaga, take it or leave it! Ha ha!"

    And so far, the public has just been taking more so the Prats siblings and shows no sign of getting sick and tired of them. Camille, who started in the landmark movie and box-office smash hit, Sarah: Ang Munting Prinsesa, now stars in Arriba! Arriba!

    And constantly does the rounds of primetime ABS-CBN shows. She also has a number of movies lined-up for Star Cinema and is even the president of Banco Filipino's Happy Saver's Club, to which she is also the endorser. John, in the mainstays of Whattamen. And he got raves for his acting in Jologs and has a cameo role in Tanging Ina, both under Star Cinema. He also has high-profile endorsements for Hawk Bags, Timex and Bench.

    Both headlined G-mik, the youth-oriented show that once lorded over the ratings, it peaked at number 1 among weekly shows according to the ratings.

    "Me and my brother get along very well," says Camille. "You can't accuse us of sibling rivalry, especially when it comes to our careers. Walang selosan, o inggitan. I'm very happy with what John has achieved and lagi rin niya sinasabi sa akin na he's very proud of what I've done."

    John echoes Camille's notions, "Maganda kasi ang tandem namin ni Camille eh. We support each other very well and unlike other sibling tandems, we intend to make it on our own and also together at the same time. I can't change the fact na magkapatid kami. I'd like to make it on my own, pero if possible, with Camille and my whole family by my side."

    The two are so close that they even consult each other when it comes to love. Although both are quick to say that they don't have any special someone's in their lives right now, Camille reveals that John asks for her advice when it comes to girls.

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