John Prats Does 1st Starring Movie
[October 2003]

    Good things continue to pour into young actor John Pratsí lap and for all this, he is very thankful to the Lord. "I really canít complain; I just hope this will go on and on."

    Two things make him feel so blessed even more these days: His movie with loveteam-mate Heart Evangelista entitled "First Romance" and the renewal (for another year) of his contract as celebrity endorser for Hawk Bags, which incidentally received recently the "Most Outstanding Daypack Backpack Award". As a celebrity endorser for the bag company, John is trying his best to be a good role model for the youth. His boy-next-door looks and positive attitude towards work and family make him the perfect image model for Hawk.

    But itís not easy being a teen idol at the age of 20 but John is proud to say that despite his busy career, he is able to continue with his studies at the Thames International Business School, majoring in Business Management.

    As to his showbiz career, John is known as Javie, a love-struck young man dealing at the same time with school and family problems in the youth-oriented show "Berks". John is also seen regularly on "A.S.A.P. Mania" with Heart Evangelista. John and Heart are now working on their first movie together, Star Cinemaís "First Romance".

    "I didnít expect to be doing a starring role in a movie right away. Kasi sanay ako with a group, just one of the guys ba. Kasama sa tropa. But my father said kailan mo gusto, kapag 32 ka na?"

    John doesnít only play the male lead in "First Romance", he also sings the theme song "Please Be Careful with My Heart", a well-loved composition by multi-award-winning singer/composer Jose Mari Chan. "I recorded it already", John informed us.

    The movie, as the title suggests, is about falling in love. So what is this rumor saying he and Heart have declared a cool-off period for the time being? "How could that be when we are not yet sweethearts? We are just friends. We are still in the stage of getting to know each other well. But Iím really enjoying my friendship with Heart. I hope she feels the same way to me".

    John revealed he doesnít recently aspire to be a superstar. "Basta ang gusto ko, sana tuloy-tuloy sana ang mga projects na gagawin ko, especially sana mag-click ang ĎFirst Romanceí para marami pang susunod na pelikula para sa akin".

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