30 Things You Don't Know About John Prats!
From: Starstudio Magazine
[August 2003]

Almost everything has been written about John Prats: his love life, his school life, his show biz career and heck, even his house. It's but normal - our main man here is no newbie to the field. But who is he when the cameras aren't rolling? This writer makes it her mission to find out, by asking the people nearest him in his universe - his family, his sweetheart, and himself!

  1. John's favorite lutong-bahay, especially when cooked by Mommy Alma, are seafoods. He likes chowing down on steamed alimasag, hipon and pusit.

  2. He likes playing a round of golf with his dad at Forest Hills in Antipolo.

  3. Whenever he turns on TV, it's because he's going to watch the NBA game. He roots for the LA Lakers.

  4. His first word as a baby was "dada".

  5. His first paycheck, then only for P800 for a day's worth of taping in Ang TV, was spent buying toys.

  6. Last Christmas, he gave Daddy Dondie a mailbag. He gave his mom a Ralph Lauren bag, too.

  7. He is closest to siblings Camille and Carlo.

  8. The first foreign country John ever visited was Hong Kong when he was only six years old.

  9. His dad insists that John's kindness is the strongest trait he got from him.

  10. His favorite expression is "O ano na naman yan?" - said especially when he sees Heart wearing an outfit that he doesn't quite approve of.

  11. The first CD John ever bought was Circus by the Eraserheads.

  12. He gave Heart a Bulgari necklace for her birthday - his most expensive gift to her so far!

  13. His favorite flicks include The Rock, Catch Me If You Can, and Pay It Forward.

  14. Heart claims that John's kiliti is in his ears.

  15. The last thing he does before he goes to bed is brush his teeth.

  16. He's crazy over fishballs!

  17. In fact, if he only has P100 to spend, he will consume it on fishballs with its sweet and chili sauce.

  18. He likes his ice cream in Rocky Road flavor. He even has a little ritual while eating it. He melts the cream first, the marshmallows next, and chews the nuts last.

  19. If all restaurants were to be obliterated and only one is left alone standing, John wants it to be Gerry's. he just loves the sisig there!

  20. Of all the Hollywood actors, he thinks that no one can still beat Tom Cruise.

  21. His most embarrassing memory at school was when he was walking the corridors with his fly open! It proved to be traumatic - John had to constantly check his zipper for a while then.

  22. He thinks the character of egolas from The Lord Of The Rings is cool (who doesn't).

  23. He despises cockroaches. He really, really abhors them.

  24. The last time he went to the hospital was for a vaccine show last year - nothing serious!

  25. He has a small mole on his nose and on his back. He thinks they're cute.

  26. He used to feel flattered when he sees his face on billboards, but now he sort of thinks nothing of it anymore.

  27. The most daring gastronomic adventure he remembers is eating a Capampangan dish with frogs legs. He claims they tasted like chicken.

  28. If he were invisible for three hours, he would hang out in the girls' bathroom, watch and observe his `super crush' and do little tricks to scare people.

  29. He hates maarte girls.

  30. He doesn't care what you would think - he will use shades and a girly pamaypay to beat the summer heat!

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