Boys will be boys!
By: Rose Garcia   From: Teen Stars
Ish No.: 1502     [July 30, 2003]

    Almost all the Berks guys - JOHN PRATS the matinee idol, CARLO AQUINO the drama prince, KETCHUP EUSEBIO a promising comedian, CHOLO BARRETTO his name speaks for his future in the 'biz and MARC ACUEZA also a promising dramatic actor, are all visible in television and even in movies. They are the young generation of promising male stars in the industry.

Among the Berks guys, you're the most _____?

: "Maybe, I'm the most experienced especially when it comes to youth-oriented show. Ako rin ang pinaka-kenkoy next to Ketchup. Dati ako pero natalo na niya ako."

If you were stuck in the desert island with someone, who would that be and why?

"Demi Moore! After I have watched the movie Charlie's Angels, na-realize ko, fourty years old na pero, ang sexy pa rin!"

Imagine yourself as a car, what would you be?

: "Nissan Verita, 'yung classic na small and color blue. Katulad ko, maliit lang pero cute, 'di ba?"

What are the things you really love to do but you can't?

: "I'd like to play basketball in PBA. Siyempre, hindi naman tayo ganoon katangkaran para makapaglaro, 'di ba? Pero, 'yun talaga ang first love ko."

Even as a guy, you get emotional everytime...

: "I get emotional everytime my friends and my family have problems."

For you, a perfect woman is?

: "For me, simple lang. Kapag porma, simple lang, classic ang dating at elegant. Mikee Cojuangco kasi ang gusto ko."

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