Close-Up special article on John Prats
By: A. Carlos
From:   [February 2003]

    Picture this: You're young, popular and beautiful and people just cannot get enough of you. Words that describe both John Prats and Heart Evangelista. In fact, they're right smack where the fun is. You can see them every Saturday at 4 p.m., in their afternoon teen show Berks, at BAS-CBN 2.

    Here, Close-Up Planet gets up-close and personal with the hot pair and shares soem really good stuff about them!

The Dish on John Prats

    At 18, he's at the height of his career and on top of everything. Born John Paulo Quiambao Prats or John, also on Valentine's day, the older brother of Camille started acting when he was eight. Already a pro in his chosen field, this young looker has big things planned ahead. But exactly what goes on in his mind?

1. Who were your crushes when you were a kid?
    My first crush was actually Paula Peralejo. She was also from Ang TV. It was "puppy love," I guess.

2. Who's your biggest international celebrity crush?
    Definitely Natalie Portman. She has this mysterious thing about her - like, you think she's innocent but she's really naughty. I really like that in a girl.

3. We know you look up to your Kuya Aga, but how do you deal with the pressure of being tagged as the next "Aga"?
    Of course, nakaka-flatter when they tell me that, pero okay lang. I try to keep things on a wholesome level, even if I'm pressured to protect my image. And I've also sort of patterned myself after him - it's a bit of challenge actually.

4. What were the setbacks of entering showbiz at eight?
    During my first taping, medyo nahihiya pa ako. But I guess everything went okay. My schedule then was just Ang TV every Saturday, so there really wasn't much of a hassle.

5. How is it to be the eldest son in your brood?
    It's actually difficult being a kuya. I have to set good example to my siblings. I also have to have a good deal of patience. I remember fighting with Camille a lot. Pero we're okay now.

6. You're known for your killer smile. Have you ever consciously used it to attract someone's attention?
    Well, not really, but I guess my smile is one of my best assets.

7. You said you like Natalie Portman. Is there soemthing in Heart that reminds you of Natalie?
    If you look closer, she has the same mole on the upper cheek.

8. When you're sad, what type of music makes you feel better?
    Alternative, I like Dave Matthews Band and Incubus because ang galing ng drummers nila! Also John Mayer, he has the same voice as Dave Matthews'. I really like his song, "Your Body is a Wonderland" - galing ng intro, catchy!

9. How similar are you and your character in Berks?
    Like Javie, I want to be like Jerry Maguire, pero mas maluwag, that's why I'm in Thames International Business School.

10. How do you know when you really like someone?
    I'm more quiet, I guess. Sometimes I just stare, maybe I text, call or visit her. I'm actually torpe.

11. What's the most gorgeous thing you've done to attract someone's attention?
    My firs girlfriend was a bit older than I - I was 16 or 17 and she was 22. I had to exert a lot of effort to be on the same level as hers. We got into a fight one time so, to make ammends, I bought her a cke at Friday's and the waiters and I serenaded her with the song "The Way You Look Tonight."

12. What are the little things Heart does that you just love?
    Heart is really sweet and thoughtful. For instance, if she's having food delivered, she'd ask for everyone else's order!

13. As one of the fresh crop of hot local stars, are you at all affected by your popularity?
    Masarap maging artista, but you lose your privacy! Isang mali, bad ka na! You really have to be careful. Sometimes I want to tell them, "Hey, I'm not God. I make mistakes too!" You also have to set good example for the youth and to touch their lives.

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