Young Filipino actor loves Guam
Interview by: KoWoon Im
From: Marianas Variety (the leading newspaper in Guam)
[August 01, 2004]

HAGTA Filipino actor John Prats, dubbed as the hottest model for Bench, a Philippine line of clothing, came to Guam, signed posters, and posed for the cameras with scores of female fans at the Micronesian Mall in Dededo, where Bench has an outlet. A down-to-earth celebrity, Prats gave an interview with Variety.

Name: John Paolo Prats
Hometown: Quezon City, Philippines
Age: 20
Status: Single
Job: Model/Actor
First Appearance: 8 years old, "Ang TV"

Marianas Variety (MV): What's your impression of Guam?:

This is my first time, so I was shocked because I thought Guam was just one big island (laughs). I love the beach, I love the rain. I met the Filipinos here they're all great. They're so warm, and I love it. It was nice meeting them.

MV: How do you take care of your skin and body?:

I take a bath three times a day, but I don't use any special products.

What kind of role in your life does your family play?

My dad is an owner of an advertising company and my mom is a housewife. My family's really supportive. They give (me and my sister Camille) advice on how to be more active and humble. They're there to guide us.

MV: Do you have any hidden talents or passions?

I don't sing but I love dancing. I want to improve my dancing, so I'm going to L.A. to study hip-hop.

What kind of style does Bench promote?

Bench is more than basic. Depends if you want to wear hip-hop, alternative laid-back.... For me, it's perfect.

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