John and Heart, avoiding each other lately?
From:     [June 05, 2004]

    Rumors to this effect had been circulating around tinseltown for weeks now perhaps due to the fact that both have gone their own way, career-wise.

    Heart is no longer as visible on TV save for her VJ stint on Myx and regular participation in the Ai-Ai de las Alas sitcom, "Tanging Ina." In the romance aspect, the grapevine has it that she is currently seeing two guys: Fellow Myx VJ Luis "Lucky" Manzano and GMA-7 talent Richard Gutierrez.

    As for John, well, we can safely say that he's outgrown his love team with Heart by way of an equally successful team-up with newcomer Maja Salvador in the toprating soap, "It Might Be You."

    A recent episode of the program showing John and Maja in a rare dance sequence has, in fact, received favorable feedback through the email. Observers even say that ABS has stumbled upon another bankable tandem in the young pair.

    "Hindi na kailangan pang gumimik na baka mauwi sa totoong romansa ang madalas nilang pagsasama," someone close to the two stars qualifies. "Tama nang magkaibigan sila at sumasayaw nang tugma sa tugtog at nagtitilian, kinikilig na ang televiewers."

    While it is true that John and Maja may be "dance partners" for now, nobody really knows for sure where their steps will lead them to in months to come - so, again, better stay tuned!

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