John Prats: The prodigal son returns
From: Manila Standard (Good Life section)
[November 27, 2004]

    Most people think John Prats is a creation of Star Cinema. Truth is, it was Regal Entertainment that gave him the big break in the movies 10 years ago in the sci-fi flick Batang X.

    Prats, in effect, is simply returning to the fold of Mother Lily.

    In Mano Po 3, the handsome star of recent youth flicks, like Jologs, Trip, and My First Romance, plays the teen version of Paul Yang (the older character played by multi-awarded Jay Manalo).

    John Prats will be seen romancing Angelica Panganiban as Lilia Chong (played by Vilma Santos as a full-fledged adult).

    Playing Paul Yang is a daunting challenge. That Prats is fully aware of. Though heís only seen in the movieís flashback scenes, itís his most serious acting assignment yet.

    Prats is smart enough not to rely solely on the fickle world of showbiz to get by. Heís now a junior at the Thames International Business School, majoring in entrepreneurship.

    He hopes that his unexpected turn as the multifaceted "Paul" in Mano Po 3: My Love would help erase the impression that there is nothing beneath the pretty boy image.

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