John Prats: Heart and I broke up 2 years ago
By: ----   From: Balita.Com
[July 16, 2006]

    Like Heart Evangelista, John Prats doesn’t think there is a chance for him and Heart to get things working for them. As far as they are concerned, their relationship is over. And that’s about that.

    “Kaya nga, I was surprised when Heart opened up the topic lately about our break-up. Ang tagal na rin noon. She was only 17. I was 19. Eh 21 na ako ngayon.

    “All the while, I thought she has moved on like me,” he said.

    He felt as hurt as Heart when they broke up. In fact, he said that if Heart cried a month for what happened, on his part he had to leave for Hongkong to mend his broken heart.

    He still regards Heart with high respect. He thinks he won’t ever forget her. To John, Heart is also his first love.

    Is it true, as Heart said that soon after their break-up, he got himself a new girlfriend?

    “That’s not true,” he replied. “Hanggang ngayon, loveless pa rin ako, although I won’t deny na may mga dini-date ako.”

    John is excited with the coming release of D’Anothers, co-starring him with Vhong Navarro, Toni Gonzaga, Pokwang, Michelle Madrigal, Neri Naig, Archie Alemania and Joshua Deocareza who is introduced in the movie. He is the only member of the cast, he related, who did not become a ghost in the movie. “Hindi kasi ako mamatay sa pelikula. Ako bale ang magiging kontak ng mga kaluluwang ginagampanan nila dito sa lupa.”

    “Ganunpaman,” he continued. “My role is as riotous as the rest.”

    It’s his first time to work with Joyce Bernal as a director and he really appreciates the effort she exerted just to get the best out of them.

    “Sa set, parang mommy siya,” John said of Direk Joyce. “At kami naman ay kanyang mga anak.”

    “Sometimes, we have to admit that we come to the set groggy from too much work. Kaya ang gagawin niya, pamamahingahin niya muna kami. Then, she would cheer us up. She kept on reminding as that we are doing a fun movie. Kaya, dapat we experience fun doing it.”

    John revealed that Mother Lily signed him up to a nine-picture contract. Thus, he is committed to do this much number of movies under Mother Lily’s film outfit, Regal Entertainment. So far, John said, he had done two movies. The first one was Happily Ever After. And the second one is Legal Wife, which he currently co-stars with Zsa Zsa Padilla, Rufa Mae Quinto and Jay Manalo.

    “I was supposed to have Bianca King for my ka-love team in the movie. But they decided to have me play a gay role,” he declared.

    John and Bianca have the same talent manager, PAMI (Professional Artists Managers, Inc.) member.