John Prats is 'still crying'
By: Nini Valera
From: Philippine Daily Inquirer [July 14, 2005]

    SMARTING from statements made by ex-girlfriend Heart Evangelista about their failed relationship, John Prats said that he had wanted to fight for her, but that she wouldn't allow it.

    "We were a year and half into the relationship and she let me say only that we had a mutual understanding," John told Inquirer Entertainment on Monday.

    "Every time the press asked if we were together, I had to lie because she didn't want her father to find out."

    John admitted that he was hurt when he found out over the weekend that Heart had talked about his inability to stand up for their love.

    "I never talked against her," he insisted. "But now I have to defend myself. When I found out what she said, I called and told her that I felt bad. She denied saying anything."

    The actual breakup was preceded by many issues, the young actor admitted. "I felt the relationship had become so show biz. There were many instances when I felt she was mixing business with our [personal life].

    In the last three months, we were always fighting."

    He was the one who wanted to cool off, he pointed out. "I needed to breathe, I needed space," said John. "I was also avoiding intrigues."

    After some time apart, when he dated around and had fun, John tried to reconcile with Heart. "She didn't want me back," he said. "She says she cried over me for several days. I've been crying for months; I haven't moved on."

    During the filming of their movie "My First Romance" last year, John said, Heart's suitor Ian Dy would visit the actress on the set.

    "That hurt," he said. "It was so difficult just to be with her everyday and finish the movie. So I asked for a week's break and went to Hong Kong."

    He has since found solace in his work and soon returns to the big screen via Director Joyce Bernal's "D' Anothers."

    He has also been dating, John admitted, but added that he couldn't commit himself to another girl yet.

    "Heart is my first love," he said (and Heart has said he was hers). "But I want this to end already. How could she say I never loved her, when I wanted to come back to her?"