Benchmarks of Guy Style
By: ----   From: Metro Him magazine
[July 2006]

    Actor John Prats, model Marco Alcaraz and singer Jay-R know that in order to maintain their celebrity status they have to sweat it out playing the showbiz game. Whether singing, dancing, acting, modeling or what-have-you, the three are giving the audience their best. All in their early 20's, they have their youth working to their advantage - what's considerably showbiz routine for others is still a source of excitement for them. In private they share the adrenalin rush their fans feel in their presence. Commercially, they share the much-coveted endorser status of brands as wide ranging as Bench and Technomarine. The fame, glamor and celebrity of stardom are like the ball they keep in their court to score big.

    John, while being the youngest, has the most showbiz experience and exposure among the three. He started acting at age seven, along with sister Camille. He was with ABS-CBN Talent Center in its early years, with the likes of Stefano Mori and Carlo Aquino as contemporaries.

    While plum acting roles went to the two, who easily established themselves as actors and even picked up some awards along the way, John had movie star good looks going for him. His boyish mestizo appeal was comparable to Aga Muhlach's, who was then only too eager to lay claim to the distinction of being the next Aga, whom he considered his idol and role model.

    The trio were launched as JCS, a three-in-one pop offering. When the novelty wore off, the boys each went their own way. Stefano has since left showbiz scene and is now based in Italy. Carlo waiting for yet another meaty acting role. The most visible these days is John, thanks to his recent 60-day stint on Pinoy Big Brother (Celebrity Edition). Talk about scoring big time.