It’s a gay, gay, gay world!
By: Bong De Leon   From: People's Journal
[May 3, 2006]

    No matter what people say, having three gay sons in a family seems to be a curse from heaven. One is enough, two is too much, and three is not only dangerous but disastrous.

    In this changing world of ours, blame many factors why a family may have had such (ill) luck. Normally, it is hereditary, and this has been proven time and again. More than one gay in a family is a subject for a total pathology study. It may cause a parent of such children to commit suicide by jumping from the highest level of the house just to make sure (s)he is DOA or dead on arrival.

    But, you see, movies are bigger than life. Manay Po director Joel Lamangan claims he knew of a family with three gay children. However, he is not saying he patterned the story after them.

    What made the flick’s three lead players accept their role as limpwrists?

    John Prats, Polo Ravales and Jiro Manio — plus a caboodle of gay performers — agreed to do it apparently thinking they are in good hands.

    When lead actress Cherrie Pie Picache was asked how she would react if in real life she found out that her children are gay, she was stumped for a while, then said: “If that’s what God wills, so be it.” She averred she’d accept it with heart and soul.

    She hastened to add that she prefers straight guys.

    Manay Po will have all kinds of gay humor, gags, and kilig to the bones.

    Polo Ravales is the closet queen, John Prats the loud and proud, and Jiro Manio is still in the confused stage.

    With the gay population explosion, all we need to do is pass the news around that Manay Po is, well, a scream — you know, like a screaming faggot.

    The flick boasts of other stars: Christian Vasquez, Luis Alandy, Mike Tan, LJ Reyes, IC Mendoza, Glaiza de Castro and Giselle Sanchez.