John doesn’t want to be a housemate again
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From:   [April 04, 2006]

    Second big placer John Prats, who survived for 56 days living the extraordinary lifestyle in Big Brother’s house, doesn’t have plans of becoming a housemate in the upcoming seasons of Pinoy Big Brother.

    In a press conference held yesterday for the Big4, the dance floor dynamite said that he’s already satisfied with what he experienced during his successful stint in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition. "Hindi na talaga, ayaw ko na ulit maging housemate. Kung pagsa-sama-samahin ang lahat ng Big4 ng PBB tapos magkaroon ng parang all-star edition, hindi na ako sasali," John told the press.

    But the dance floor dynamite clarified that he doesn’t regret becoming a housemate in PBBCE. John, whose main reason for joining PBBCE was merely to learn how to perform household chores, said that his short stint in Kuya’s house taught him lots of important lessons in life. "Sobrang dami akong natutunan sa loob. Isa na doon yung pasensya, pagkakaroon ng mahabang pasensya, disiplina sa sarili, pagiging matatag at pagiging totoo sa sarili. Wala akong pinagsisihan sa pagsali ko dito, worth it lahat ng paghihirap ko."

Difficult Final week     John admitted that he really had a hard time facing his final days in PBBCE because of the egg task and the spate of Ninja and Celebrity Secret Agent attacks. John and the other members of the Big4 didn’t expect that Kuya would assign his most difficult task when they were the only ones left in the house. "Para kasi sa amin (nina Bianca, Zanjoe and Keanna) noong makasama kami sa Big4 panalo na kami noon. Tapos na ang lahat ng paghihirap Di namin akalain na bibigyan kami ni Big Brother ng task na kailangan gising kami 24 hours for five days," John said as he recounted his unforgettable experiences while protecting his eggs against the ninjas who tried and succeeded several times in stealing them.

    During those difficult times, John and the other Big4 thought that Big Brother had abandoned them and the house was already under the ninjas’ control. "Totoong naramdaman naming yun, naisip din namin na nakidnap si Big Brother."

    According to John, he was only able to heave a big sigh of relief when he got out of Kuya’s house last Saturday.

    Aside from the P500,000 he received from PBBCE, John also got a reward from his parents, Dondi and Alma. They redesigned John’s room with a Japanese-inspired design, just like what John had been wanting to do before he joined PBB.

    Although he didn’t become the Big Winner, John says that he has all the reasons to smile since he’s able to make his parents feel very proud of him.