John Prats: Iíd have given Keanna P.5M
By: Nini Valera
From: Phil. Daily Inquirer   [April 06, 2006 ]

    JOHN Prats said he would have given the condominium unit and half of the P1-million prize money to fellow housemate Keanna Reeves had he won the top prize in the reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition.

    The reality show, aired on ABS-CBN, ended on Saturday.

Just right

    Keanna won with 571,607 text votes, 44.2 percent of the total; John, second placer, 372,198 votes or 28.8 percent.

    It was just right that his starlet-friend won, the young actor told Inquirer Entertainment on Monday. "She entered the house for the sake of her two children."

    Keanna received about P4 million worth of cash and prizes. Her chosen charity, the womenís organization Gabriela, also received P1 million.

    John said he already felt like a winner when he entered the PBB house last Feb. 5. "It was just a bonus that I landed in second place," he said. "I joined for the experience, expecting nothing. I was prepared to leave in the second week."


    John lasted all of the prescribed 58 days. He described his life inside the PBB house as surreal.

    "No one but a housemate would understand the feeling of being in there," he said. "Itís like living in a different world with only a voice commanding you what to do. Only later, after youíve fulfilled all your tasks, that youíll understand how Big Brother was really just preparing you for the outside world."

    "I missed Nancy (Castiglione) in the beginning," John admitted. He and Nancy had been seeing each other a few weeks before he became a housemate.

    "We havenít talked," John confided. "Iím scared; I donít understand whatís happening. I havenít even used my cell phone. A lot of things could have happened in two months, and Iím afraid to find out. If sheís [still] there it would be, wow. If sheís not, I wouldnít hurt too much."


    He said his best friend, Luis Manzano, thought he wasnít acting normal. "I told him it felt weird talking to him," John said. "He said I was carrying on like a new kid in school. He got that right."

    On Sunday morning, he had to show up for a pictorial, for his new movie, Manay Po.

    "Everybody was congratulating me. I tried to act normal," he said. "[But] still felt disconnected and disoriented. The psychologist said this was to be expected, and that I should not panic."