John has a special non-showbiz girl
By: Ethel Ramos   From: Malaya newspaper
[September 06, 2006]

    Do not ask John Prats if there is a possibility that he will fall for Roxanne Guinoo, who plays his girlfriend in the teleserye, "Crazy for You." Chances are he will say no because Joross Gamboa, Roxanne’s ex-boyfriend, is his good friend.

    Besides, there’s a non-showbiz girl he has always held special. One day soon, he might just ask her to be his girlfriend. "We have been friends from way back. For sometime now, we’ve been going out. And we’ve discovered marami kaming in common," John said.

    John’s best friend right now is Luis "Lucky" Manzano. They became even closer while shooting "Crazy for You" in Barcelona, Spain. They were roommates. Had not John developed cold feet, he could have been Nancy Castiglione’s current boyfriend, and not Brad Turvey.

Small world, ‘di ba naman?