John Prats, a gay in 2-piece in ĎManay Poí
By: Ethel Ramos   From: Malaya newspaper
[April 6, 2006]

    Now it can be told that John Prats shared a beautiful relationship with Nancy Castiglione even long before he entered Bahay ni Kuya.

    "But it wasnít official," he explained. "Para bang MU (mutual understanding) lang kami. But I hope we will eventually become sweethearts. I really like and love Nancy. And I know she feels the same way towards me."

    John, who landed second place to Keanna Reeves, said his stay in Bahay ni Kuya for a period of 58 days changed him tremendously. "Feeling ko actually, Iím not yet my normal self. Pero ang alam ko magiging iba na ang takbo ng buhay ko mula ngayon. Parang I aged somehow. And I have become more responsible."

    John said he is thankful for the new friends he gained because of the Big Brother experience. He especially appreciates Keanna, who helped him realize how lucky he is.

    "She related to me her pinagdaanan and I canít imagine being in her shoes. But she survived. And, like me, she learned a lot from Big Brother. Feeling ba namin, mga bagong tao kami," John laughed.

    The day after he came out of Big Brotherís house, John reported to the set of "Manay Ko," where he plays a gay. Will he pattern his role in the movie after his fellow housemate Rustom Padilla? Rustom became one of Johnís best friends inside Big Brotherís house.

    "I donít know," said John, "Basta ang alam ko para sa pelikulang ito magsusuot ako ng two-piece bathing suit. "But I trust my director, Joel Lamangan," he added.