JOHN PRATS: This is surreal
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From: Manila Standard Today   [April 08, 2006]

    Surreal was how John Prats described his exit as second top housemate from Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition last Saturday.

    “I’m still not my normal self,” said John, a day after he touched base with reality.

    John landed on second spot next to big winner Keanna Reeves with 372,198 votes or 28 percent of total votes.

    For 58 days, John was holed up inside the PBB house with 13 other housemates without contact with the outside world.

    “We didn’t know that there were two coup threats while we were inside the house,” he said. “We knew about the Leyte tragedy, but only a few details of it, and because we packed relief boxes for the victims. We were totally cut off from the world.”

    Entering the real world again would pose as a challenge to John, who went straight to a photo shoot the morning after the show’s grand finale.

    “Everybody was congratulating me,” he said, “but I felt so out of touch with everything. I was talking to my best friend Luis Manzano and he said I seemed to have changed. I feel that I’m back in school, learning how to be me again in the real world.

    “But the psychologist said this was normal.”

    Still, John is happy for the experience.

    “If not for PBB, I wouldn’t have made new friends,” he said, referring to the housemates.

    He admitted that he still has to talk to Nancy Castiglione, with whom he shared a special relationship before entering the PBB house last Feb. 5.

    “I don’t know where we are right now,” he admitted. “We still have not talked. I’m taking things slowly.”