Luis and John, bestfriends
By: Ethel Ramos   From: Malaya Newspaper
[August 24, 2006]

    Luis "Lucky" Manzano and John Prats admit that they are best friends. They used to co-host "Asap Fanatics," and that is where they became close. The two grew closer when they taped for their first teleserye together, "Crazy for You," in Barcelona, Spain. They were roommates.

    And what did they discover about each other as roommates? we asked them.

    "Well, kung matulog pala si Rocky, naka-boxer shorts lang. And he puts on his eye glasses, dahil ang grado pala ng kanyang mata ay 900. He wears contact lenses when appearing on TV or taping for his shows," said John.

    Luis said: "What I found out about John in the three weeks that we were together and sharing a room with him is that he talks in his sleep. Mabuti he didn’t reveal anything.

    "Na ‘di ko pa alam," he added with a laugh.

    Their taste for women is the same. Both were linked to Nancy Castiglione. But unlike Lucky, who became Nancy’s boyfriend for at least two years, John says that he and Nancy never became sweethearts.

    "But I must admit that I got attracted to Nancy prior to my joining the ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.’ At that time, she had just broken up with Bullet Jaloslos kaya I was a shoulder to cry on. Na dapat lang, since we share the same talent manage (Arnold Vegafria)," John related.