No longer a mama's boy
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From: Manila Times   [April 03, 2006]

    PBB second placer John Pratts happily announced that he achieved his goal of becoming responsible and independent by joining the reality show. A pampered celebrity since his days as a child star, he admitted from the start that he is "a mama's boy" who treated "work as play."

    "I had very little patience before in shootings and tapings, but after doing housework, waking up early and learning almost becoming addicted to help others in the house, I really feel that I've changed."

    Very close to his family, he was met with a grand welcome on Sunday night at the Pratts residence, with a renovated bedroom ("I always wanted a Japanese-style bedroom and now I have it!), and repairs on his Honda Civic all done.

    "My Dad was even teasing me that a band was arriving any minute," he laughed.

    Prats earned a total of 372,198 text votes, and "new friends" in the housemates.