Will John Pratts find true love
with his busy schedule?

By: ---   From: Manila Bulletin
[July 8, 2006]

    John Pratts became close to Keanna Reeves during their stay inside the Pinoy Big Brother house in the show’s Celebrity Edition. To his surprise, their friendship suddenly became an issue as he was speculated upon as liking older women after the show ended. The actor admitted that to be true but said he likes women only one to four years older than him!

    "Mama’s boy ako...kaya nga naging close ako kay Keanna...age matters for me," John said at the press conference of "Aalog-Alog," the latest ABS-CBN sitcom directed by Randy Santiago and which starts airing tonight. The older women linked romantically to him include Keanna Reeves, Say Alonzo and Nancy Castiglione.

    Still single, John revealed that he is eyeing a lass outside of showbusiness. She’s perfect for him but is fearful he might not meet the requirements of a "good boyfriend" because of his work schedule.

    In addition to "Aalog-alog," he is flying to Barcelona, Spain to shoot a movie with Luis Manzano, Toni Gonzaga and Pokwang. Then he has to squeeze in Regal Entertainment’s December filmfest entry "Super Noypi."

    "Happy ako na may gagawin ako with Regal Films. It’s going to be directed by Quark Henares...it’s like the movie ‘XMen’ where we will have mutant powers and it’s set in the future. Pinakita sa amin ang story treatment, maganda talaga ‘yung movie concept," expressed John who also starred as one of the child superheroes in Regal Films’ "Batang X" in the 90’s.

    It’s been a long time, he recalled, that he has been excited with a film project. And "Super Noypi," the director and the CGI specialists they’ll be working with and their vision have made him ecstatic. Sources also say that he has signed up for three "Super Noypi" films wherein each would be a filmfest entry every Christmas. "Super Noypi" would star GMA Artist Center’s talents Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras and he will be one of the Noypis (Pinoys spelled backwards, colloquial term for Filipinos) with mutant powers.

    Meanwhile, in "Aalog-Alog," John plays an OFW who is a fugitive and illegal Filipino worker in Japan. He joins Keanna Reeves, Pokwang, Jayson Gainza, Zanjoe Marudo and Ya Chang in the sitcom. Well adept in sitcoms from his past experiences from his past ABS-CBN sitcoms, he described his new show as a collaboration with all the actors.

    "I used to play support roles in ‘Whattamen’ but now pantay-pantay kami in ‘Aalog-alog.’ Like what our director always tells us, we are not obligated to force ourselves to make people laugh because the situations are already funny," he explained.

    As Randy Santiago pointed out further, "from the concept to the cast to the story to the house element, the show’s very fresh and very different from past conventional sitcoms. Viewers will surely enjoy watching this."

    Also in the cast are Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Edgar Mortiz is the show’s creative consultant. "Aalog-alog" airs every Saturday after "XXX" on ABSCBN.

    Going back to John’s lovelife, John said he’d rather have a girl outside of showbiz considering his hectic work schedule. His alleged romance with actress and model Nancy Castiglione didn’t materialize. "She is very sweet na yung time ko dapat sa kanya buo na 24/7 I can be there for her but hindi ko nabigay. Yun ang gusto niya for a boyfriend...we talked and since hindi ako maka-commit, we just became friends," John said with regret.

    Also, the 22-year old actor’s priorities changed over the period of his stay inside the PBB house. He’d rather stay at home and sleep than go out and party, if ever, with his girlfriend. According to him, the girl who caught his fancy will soon be a Commerce graduate and has been his friend for three years now. And they connected with each other again recently.

    "If I’ll have a girlfriend gusto ko maihaharap ko na sa mga magulang ko...masarap din na may outside showbiz kang girlfriend or you get married to one because after your work you have someone to talk to about other things in life," smiled John.