Fragrance inspired by John Prats
By: ----   From: Manila Times
[October 25, 2007]

    How do you capture the essence of poetry in motion? The vibrant energy and dynamism of youth? The frenzied rhythms of today’s eclectic tastes? Scent Station has distilled all these essential elements and fused them into a mélange of new fragrances attuned to today’s discriminating lifestyles.

    The brand captures the energy, dynamism, and the free-spirit of young celebrity John Prats in a specially formulated fragrance called “Motion”—soon to be launched in major retail outlets nationwide.

    An outstanding testament of Filipino ingenuity and entrepreneurship, the local brand is slowly making it niche in the fragrances industry with its own unique and more affordable adaptations of original, imported branded perfumes. To date, Scent Station has come up with more than 50 fragrance variants (for men and women) in its ever-growing catalog.

    The relatively new brand is an offshoot of the highly successful Zen Zest Lifestyle products—a business enterprise steeped in Filipino sensibilities and values, and specializes in the development, distribution and sales of world-class yet affordable bath and body care products, fragrances and home ambiance products.

    “I am thrilled that I have inspired a new cologne. Not all celebrities are given this honor. Usually it’s the big stars who are given their own line of fragrances. But I am proud that Filipinos can come up with world class scents and fragrances. I am simply overwhelmed, “ he muses.

    With John Prat’s Motion added to its line up of first rate products, it won’t be a surprise if the Scent Station brand continues to reap citations and awards from local retail associations and business groups.