John Prats in motion
By: Isah V. Red   From: Manila Standard Today
[December 07, 2007]

    Possibly one of the best-looking guys on television these days, John Prats’s only shortcoming is his height. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a hunk. Otherwise, Piolo Pascual and company might have had a tough time with John around.

    Yet, John doesn’t see his height (five-foot-five) as a problem. In fact, he delights in the fact that some of Hollywood’s biggest male stars are not even six-feet tall. He remembers Michael J. Fox (of the Back To The Future fame) who is only five feet and four inches tall.

    John’s right. In this business, it’s not the height but the talent that counts. The face of Bench Fix is also now a name in a bottle of spray cologne. And that is all because he’s got the rhythm, the groove, and the moves that many young men and women his age love.

    John is ecstatic about “Motion,” his new signature fragrance from Scent Station.

    The dance icon teamed up with the creative minds behind Scent Station to come up with a scent that embodies John’s personality— dynamic, full of enthusiasm, optimistic, and, most of all, a kind and caring brother to his siblings.

    “We tested several scents, and what you will see in the stores with the brand name ‘Motion’ is basically my choice. It has a fruity scent with a slight dash of citrus. It’s total effect is cool, refreshing. You can wear it any time of the day,” explained John during the launch of the new fragrance from Scent Station that carries the actor/dancer/icon’s name.

    Forged by the unique vision and entrepreneurial savvy of Scent Station’s founder and incumbent president and general manager, Michelle Asence, the flagship products have earned the nod of Filipino consumers—crossing over through various age, income and lifestyle brackets.

    John is the fragrance company’s first celebrity endorser. Inspired by his wholesome image as well as his onscreen charisma and dynamism, the company worked closely with John—fine-turning all the details that will ultimately define him.

    “It was a very fruitful collaboration,” Michelle revealed. “John was very enthusiastic about concocting his own scent, and he even designed the bottle, conceptualized the label and the look of the box.”

    For his part, John shared his excitement about working hand in hand with an esteemed brand. “I’ve seen how the company has evolved since its humble beginnings,” he said. “And I’ve always been amazed by their attention to detail—from the impressive packaging to the quality of the products. These truly have the makings of a world-class brand, and I’m proud to be part of it.”

    Recently, John released his fist dance album entitled Dance Floor Dynamite, and, according to very reliable sources, fans are clearing the shelves of copies of the CD from Aparri to Jolo.

    He is also starring in the ninth installment of the Shake, Rattle, and Roll franchise by Regal Films. The movie is one of 10 to be featured during the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

    Despite the apparent success he is enjoying now, John looks forward to a project that will allow him to showcase the other side of him that seems to have been overlooked these past few years. And that is, he says: “A serious role in a movie, something any actor will love to take up, not only as a challenge, but to fulfill a lifetime dream of proving to everyone that you deserve to be in this business.”