Toni and John still good friends after 'No comment' issue
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[September 24, 2007]

    Best friends Toni Gonzaga and John Prats said their relationship remains strong and intact despite the intrigues over the pregnancy of John's sister, actress and former child star Camille Prats.

    Both Prats and Gonzaga appeared on ABS-CBN's "The Buzz" on Sunday to tell viewers that there's no bad blood between them and that they remain close friends.

    Cameras earlier caught Gonzaga and Prats backstage on the variety show "ASAP" where they hugged each other in an emotional reunion. It was the first time for them to meet since the controversy erupted.

    Gonzaga was caught in the middle of a controversy after a rumor came out that her boyfriend, director Paul Soriano, was one of those suspected to be the father of Prats' child.

    Then, John Prats during a September 9 interview with "The Buzz" host Boy Abunda said that he felt hurt by Soriano's "No comment" statement to the media when he was asked about the rumor.

    Prats said that Soriano's "no comment" was open to so many interpretations and could even imply negative things about Soriano and his sister.

    "He should just tell the truth, 'I am not the father'. There. It's simple," Prats told Abunda.

    The Prats family has already acknowledged that the father of Camille Prats' child is her boyfriend of three years.

    Gonzaga told "The Buzz" that both she and Soriano thought it best to keep quiet since the pregnancy was a very delicate matter for the Prats' family.

    "I was telling him na if, things I asked him already about that and he said that it was not true so there was no reason at all for him to give any comment regarding that matter. We both agreed that it was a very sensitive and personal matter that theyíre dealing with, and John is a good good friend. So I wouldnít want anything to jeopardize out friendship. Iyon, we both decided na heís not gonna say anything," said Gonzaga.

    Prats meanwhile said that the only reason why his family took time before telling the public about Camille's condition is that they wanted to avoid causing her stress with the inevitable media attention.

    "Kasi syempre pag nilabas niya iyon agad, tatanunging siya, magiging issue siya," said Prats.

    (Of course, if we made the announcement to soon, she'll be questioned. The whole thing will become an issue in the media.)

    Both Gonzaga and Prats only had good words for each other at the interviews conclusion.

    "I know naman Direk Paul will take good care of you and dapat lang talaga kasi sobra talagang amazing na babae si Toni. And what I said yesterday, you should love each other and Iím always here kahit anong problema mo. I'm always here and to support you," said Prats.

    "I really really treasure our friendship. And just so you know I'm always here for you. I'm just a text or call away. You will always have a special place in my heart," said Gonzaga.