Don’t miss the finale of "Your Song Presents Someone Like You"
By: Rachelle Siazon   From:
[September 27, 2008]

Have you ever felt that magnetic pull with someone you barely know but you got instantly attracted to? Your Song Presents Someone Like You starring Aiko Melendez and John Prats has definitely kept the audience guessing with the mesh of complications surrounding their characters’ past. In the story, Aiko plays the role of Marge, a jilted bride who gets herself drunk one night and later ends up losing herself in a night of indiscretion with John’s character Melvin. But it was never just a fling for Melvin because Marge happens to be the mysterious woman whom he has drawn from his fantasies way before they met in a bar.

Five years flew by but Melvin still can’t get her out of his mind though he has moved on with his life. Hence his overflowing joy when Marge turns up again in his school where he is now a Math professor. But he immediately gets depressed when Marge refuses to acknowledge their previous illicit liaison. And then he starts to believe his friend’s warning that she’s just another playgirl when rumors of her intimate relationship with a student began circulating in the campus.

Yet it was Melvin who saves her from all the nasty rumors since they happened to be in one place when the blogger who’s obsessed with Marge wrote lies about their supposed tryst. As to Marge’s continued denial of their past, he eventually learns from her best friend that she is suffering from a selective amnesia due to a car accident that followed her break-up with her boyfriend, Allen. To make matters worse, Allen returns to Marge’s life and he succeeds in helping her gain her memory back.

Will Marge kiss and make up with her fickle-minded fiancé? What happens once she remembers her one night stand with Melvin? Will his sincere feelings convince her to give him a chance? If things come to that, will Melvin also break up with his loving girlfriend, Mitch? Find out on the much-awaited finale of Your Song Presents Someone Like You, this Sunday, right after ASAP ’08.