John’s strange obsession
By: ---   From: Manila Standard
[April 5, 2008]

John Prats’ addiction cannot be stopped! Unlike other people, it seems that there’s no hope for him to change his ways as he’s obsessed—with playing computer games! Looks like his situation is a dead end because not only does he sit in front of his computer all day long, but he also thinks that video games and the real world are one and the same! In the episode of Love Spell, John Pratts plays the role of Peter, a young man who believes he is the unbeatable master of video games. But he meets someone who is actually better than him and who turns out to be a girl! She is Lora (Erich Gonzalez).

Because she already has a boyfriend, Frank (Joaqui Mendoza), Peter and his best friend Bado (Arron Villaflor) plan to ruin the relationship. In the minds of the two friends, they are the heroes while Frank is the enemy, just like in a video game.

In their encounter, everything will end in a shocking and unexpected event.

“The Game” airs on April 6 on ABS-CBN.