John Prats becomes six-inch superhero
By: ---   From: The Philippine Times
[October 9, 2008]

John Prats is on cloud nine now, as he got his first title role in sixteen years of being a Star Magic talent.

The actor is taking on the role of “Tiny Tony,” a six-inch tall superhero created by comics genius Mars Ravelo.

The show will premiere on ABS-CBN on October 11, as the newest offering of “Komiks Presents”.

And how does Prats describe his diminutive new role?

“Size doesn’t matter. It’s in the performance,” the actor said. “What matters is how big your heart is and your determination to do good and to do better to others,” he added.

“Tiny Tony” will be following the success of “Kapitan Boom” and “Varga”, a feat that it must do by hooking audiences into the story of a young man who shrank and got superhuman powers after he accidentally made contact with a crime-diminishing serum that his doctor father concocted.

"My character possesses agility and healing powers," says John. "He moves quickly and effortlessly. If he gets cuts and wounds, they will heal by themselves."

The character is a long way off from one of the first major roles he did when he was just a kid—as a superhero in the hit movie “Batang X”—but he said the fun of playing a superhero is the same.

"Every child wishes to be a superhero. My child-like excitement is still there, especially now that I'm doing a comic series. I get sentimental with what the staff has done for the show," shares John.