On Komiks: Tiny Tony meets Dragonna
By: Napoleon Quintos   From: ABS-CBN website
[December 13, 2008]

The adventure of the small but terrible superhero reaches its action-packed ending tonight, December 13. In Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo’s Tiny Tony, science prodigy Anthony Aniscol or Tony (played by John Prats) is reduced to a mere six inches in height after a laboratory accident. Wanted by the police for murder, Tony used his newfound power of strength and agility to prove his innocence and fight crimes. For the finale, he tries to stop Gil Gante from turning people pint-sized by infecting the water supply with the shrinking formula. Can our little hero save the day?

Another Mars Ravelo superhero will make her debut in Dragonna. Shaina Magdayao plays Rona, a girl who comes from a race of Tagon or Taong Dragon. After a fire left her an orphan, she is adopted by three firemen. By the time she becomes a teenager, Rona will discover that she has the power to create fire, something that will sometimes get her into trouble. She assumes an alter ego called Dragonna who uses her gift to defend the helpless and fight crimes. But Rona is forbidden from falling in love or else she is bound to lose her power. When a handsome man named Edgar (Jake Cuenca) sweeps her off her feet, Rona must choose between keeping her power or following her heart.

Catch the back-to-back episodes of Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo’s Tiny Tony and Dragonna at 6 pm, December 13.