Wacky ensemble acting in ‘Manay Po 2’
By: Walden Sadiri   From: Manila Bulletin
[April 15, 2008]

After watching "Manay Po 2: Overload" during its red carpet premiere last Sunday, April 13 at SM Megamall Cinema 6, the movie proved that laughter is still the best medicine.

A comedy film is hard to make because its success doesn’t rely only on its director (Joel Lamangan) or how well the screenplay is written (Dinno Erece), but on the actors.

In "Manay Po 2," the all the cast delivered in tickling their fans’ funny bones. Rufa Mae Quinto, as usual, was funny. My cousin from London, Nico Almontero, who doesn’t speak or understand Tagalog well was laughing in all the film’s comedy scenes.

As far as comedy is concerned, putting straight actors to portray gay roles is very challenging. But the actors playing the three gay sons (Polo Ravales, John Prats and Jiro Manio) of Cherry Pie Picache gave superb performances.

As the muscled and macho gay executive Oscar, Polo Ravales was believable. His romantic scenes with Sid Lucero, his live-in partner, were a delight to watch.

A hopeless romantic and semi-cross dresser Orson, John Prats was a standout. His complemented IC Mendoza’s loud gay character.

But it was Jiro Manio’s portrayal of a "confused" gay which brought the house down. In one scene, his swimming coach took off his trunks in front of him inside his school’s shower room, Jiro’s reaction captured the emotion of a "budding gay" about to tell the whole world about his sexual orientation.

Of course, Cherry Pie is wackier here. Sexy comediennes RubiRubi and Giselle Sanchez were also reliable.

Mother Lily is right when she says: "Mahirap ang buhay kaya dapat tawa lang tayo ng tawa. Positive lang dapat."’

"Manay Po 2" opens tomorrow, April 16, in theaters nationwide.