‘Your Song’ features May-December romance
By: ---   From: Sun Star Manila
[September 06, 2008]

Actress-turned-politician Aiko Melendez and actor John Prats will again come face to face in “Your Song Presents: Someone Like You.”

Someone like you is about a younger man-older woman relationship.

In a press conference for the ongoing weekly afternoon series, people could not help but ask Aiko whether she would be willing to have a relationship with someone younger than her.

“After my first marriage with a younger man, maybe not yet,” she said.

She added though that it will not be hard to fall in love with John.

“He’s so nice and talented,” the actress said.

In the series, Melvin (John) and Marge (Aiko) once had a sizzling night together.

After five years, Melvin has become a Math teacher.

Marge, meanwhile, comes back from the US and works as a teacher at the same school Melvin teaches.

In a rare opportunity, Melvin confronts Marge about the night they spent together.

Find out what happen in “Your Song Presents: Someone Like You” this Sunday on ABS-CBN.