Banana Split includes new stars for second season
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[April 12, 2009]

When Banana Split started out in October 2008, it was envisioned to be the female version of the popular '90s sitcom Goin' Bananas. Now on its second season, the ABS-CBN late-night gag show will be undergoing reformatting with the arrival of new cast members.

Starting April 18, 2009, John Prats, Zanjoe Marudo, Jayson Gainza, Pooh and Pokwang will join the remaining Banana Split girls to add fun and laughter to late-night viewing.

The original lineup of the show during its first few months were Angelica Panganiban, Roxanne Guinoo, Cristine Reyes, Valerie Concepcion, RR Enriquez, Dianna Medina, and Princess Ryan.

For the second season, only three girls were retained out of the original seven: Angelica, Cristine and RR. Valerie's manager, Becky Aguila, decided to pull out Valerie when management tried to negotiate for her to have a lower talent fee.

Find out the new taste of Banana Split starting April 18, 2009 on ABS-CBN.