John, Shaina caught kissing in dressing room?
By: Aster Amoyo   From:
[August 14, 2009]

John Prats denies the malicious rumor that he and girlfriend Shaina Magdayao were recently caught kissing in one of the dressing rooms of ABS-CBN 2.

“How can that be when both of us hate PDA (public display of affection)? It’s not our cup of tea. Yes, I hug her but to kiss her in a public place? No way," maintains the handsome actor.

According to John, he may seem to be modern in some things but when it comes to relationships, he is conservative.

“For me, it’s a matter of respect, especially for the girl. Here in the Philippines , it’s off to see a couple kissing in public, even if they’re already husband and wife. That’s something you do in the confines of your room. Shaina and I, we’re even shy to hold hands when we’re outside.”

But John is quick to defend that it doesn’t mean he’s not a caring boyfriend.

“Actually, I am. I can also be demonstrative given we’re in the proper place and occasion,” he says.

His relationship with his ladylove is going strong.

“It’s going smoothly. We treat each passing day as special as possible. We also want to keep things private.”

There are reports that Shaina is the jealous type.

“She’s not,” John states. “On the contrary, she’s very understanding and supportive. One main reason why our relationship is strong is because we trust each other one hundred percent, which is very important.”