John starts the year right
By: Maridol Rañoa-Bismark   From: The Philippine Star
[January 02, 2009]

Not a single showbiz insider raised an eyebrow when Shaina Magdayao — after keeping fans guessing — finally broke her silence about her romance with John Prats. Having reached the next level of their romance, she — and John — must have deemed it wise to finally let the cat out of the bag.

Yes, John admits at the presscon of ABS-CBN’s upcoming sitcom Parekoy, Shaina is everything he can ever hope for in a girl.

“She’s thoughtful and passionate. She always asks me what I want. She’s so passionate about her work she even gets into yoga before every Dragonna (Shaina’s new fantasy series). So she’ll have enough stamina for her physically demanding scenes,” says John.

As a sign of his undying devotion, John gave Shaina something only he can give her last Christmas. He enlarged a photo of Shaina which he himself took on the set of Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat, framed it, and gave it to his lady love when he spent Christmas day with the Magdayaos.

Our Romeo followed up the visit with another one in Shaina’s home again last New Year’s Day.

Shaina, on the other hand, gave John the gift of leisure: A game called Rock Band which he can play on his PS3. Weeks before, she announced that between love and power, she will pick the former anytime.

“I’m flattered,” John reacts.

His opinion of his lady love remains at an all-time high, even after he learned that Shaina told reporters months back that she needs more time to know him better.

“I want a whole lifetime to get to know Shaina more,” the happy John declares.

Why did they decide to stop talking in riddles about their relationship and make a clean breast of their romance?

“I’m now more open with her family,” explains John.

Perhaps the Magdayaos saw with their eyes that John’s intentions are pure — untainted by the hype that hounds stars packaged as a loveteam on TV or in the movies.

In deference to Shaina’s wishes, John has shunned projects that cast them as a loveteam.

Thus, he appears on Dragonna, not as Shaina’s love interest, but as super hero Tiny Tony. This year, John and Shaina will appear on the TV adventure series Sanlakas (local version of Justice League) as Tiny Tony again and Dragonna, respectively.

Here, they don’t even stare at each other’s eyes or even touch each other’s hands. The real-life sweethearts go their separate ways in episode after episode.

No one is using anyone here, thank you. John and Shaina’s feelings are as real as their drive to please each other all the time.

“We’re enjoying each other’s company. But I’m not ready for marriage and so is she,” admits John.

The scenario might change five or six years from now, though, when John himself says he will be ready to tie the knot.

“I’ll be 30 then, and Shaina, 25,” John goes on. By then, he thinks both of them will be prepared to take the plunge.

But that’s still a long way to go. Meanwhile, there’s work to do. After John kicks off the year with Parekoy (to premiere Monday, Jan. 5 before Pieta and after Wowowee), he buckles down to work on Sanlakas with Shaina, Vhong Navarro, Jon Avila and Mariel Rodriguez.

Not everyone is blessed to start the new year with a string of projects and a happy lovelife. No wonder John has every reason to greet 2009 with a big smile.