John Prats helps Denise Laurel deal with grief in Bud Brothers
By: ---   From: Philippine Entertainment Portal
[May 20, 2009]

Last week, Mariel Rodriguez and Rafael Rosell brought humor and romance to viewers via Precious Hearts Romances: Bud Brothers' second week offering titled "My Golly Wow Bechay." This time, a love story shrouded in mystery awaits viewers in this week's series titled "Red Roses for a Blue Lady."

Actor-dancer John Prats and the lovely Denise Laurel are paired together in this episode dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Coco (Denise Laurel) is so mysterious that people think she is an aswang. She moves into the old house across the Bud Brothers flower farm. The Bud Brothers's class clown Carlo (John Prats) gives Coco the benefit of the doubt and learns that Coco is a famous painter whose husband has just recently died. Carlo takes it upon himself to bring happiness back to Coco's life.

With all the problems and complications that will arise from this quirky relationship, will Carlo be able to bring new hope and love to Coco or will she continue to refuse the only love and friendship she has?

Find out what happens to this odd couple in Precious Hearts Romances: Bud Brothers newest story of love every afternoon, after Kambal sa Uma on ABS-CBN.