On ‘PareKoy:’ The mistakes of the past bring Jess, Mario, and Joseph together
By: Napoleon Quintos   From: ABS-CBN website
[January 06, 2009]

Frustrated with the infidelities of her husband Benjamin (Roy Alvarez), Lucy (Tetchie Agbayani) sleeps with her ex-boyfriend Henry (Raymund Concepcion) and becomes pregnant after their one-night affair. But Henry can’t turn his back on his nagging wife Ema (Irma Adlawan), so Lucy flees town to keep her secret, leaving her son Jess with her husband. What Lucy doesn’t know is that Benjamin has already gotten a bargirl pregnant.

Months later, Lucy and Benjamin’s mistress both give birth to sons. Lucy decides to return home to her family and leaves her son Joseph with Henry. Benjamin’s mistress also takes off and leaves her baby Mario with Benjamin as well. Unable to handle the responsibility of raising three kids, Benjamin secretly leaves Mario with his friend Glenda (Giselle Sanchez) and her husband Bart (Dennis Padilla).

Jess, Mario, and Joseph grow up together and later become friends with a miserable peanut vendor named Ringo. One day, a homeless man in the park tells Jess and his friends that they must stay together to unravel a secret, but that one of them is bound to die within a week. What fate awaits the four young boys?

The new comedyserye PareKoy combines the slapstick humor of a sitcom with the dramatic narrative of a teleserye. Although the pilot episode opens up with a serious plot, the comic scenes bring in a laugh or two. PareKoy is the perfect show for people who lighter fare during lazy afternoons.

Follow the adventures of Jess, Mario, Joseph, and Ringo in PareKoy weekdays after Wowowee.