The story behind John-Shaina breakup
By: Bong De Leon   From:
[February 14, 2010]

Here's a little info that might open the Pandora's Box on why John Prats and Shaina Magdayao broke up.

Yes, it's true there was no third party in the breakup. Even the alleged cause, beauty queen Karla Henry has denied it in an interview. Our source said the problem really is Shaina's attitude over their relationship. Well, maybe because she is young and outgoing, she is the opposite of John who's more of a homebody. So, John would be happy and contented if he learns that Shaina is home, rather than out, especially at night. But one time, John called up Shaina and asked the pretty miss where she was. Maybe she didn't want him to feel bothered, she told him she was home. But he later found out that she was out with some friends. Oh, well. Where's honesty?

Our source said he gave her another chance to mend her ways (although they're not so bad naman for a young lady like her), but Shaina loves the night life. Time to choose. John or her night life? Two minus one equals?